Important announcement

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT New studio, new practice, new services I am delighted to share with you that, effective March 29th 2023, I am opening my own practice “Jon in Motion” in Discovery Bay, so I can dedicate my time and experience to better serving our community. You can find me at: Jon in Motion Unit 428 […]

The nine biggest bodybuilding & workout mistakes…

The nine biggest bodybuilding & workout mistakes… … and how to avoid them! 1 – Training without a program A major error (which many people make) is jumping headfirst into sports without a clear goal in mind. Even though you may find it comfortable to do what you want via exercises that suit you best, […]

The Power of Movement

Back Flip - Great Wall - China

The Power of Movement We all know that exercise is beneficial, but most of us have no idea why. We all think that it could be because of the endorphin rush. But in reality, we feel good after a workout because it makes the brain function at its peak. A lot of people believe that […]