New studio, new practice, new services

I am delighted to share with you that, effective March 29th 2023, I am opening my own practice “Jon in Motion” in Discovery Bay, so I can dedicate my time and experience to better serving our community. You can find me at:

Jon in Motion

Unit 428

4th Floor

Block C & D, D.B. Plaza

Discovery Bay, Lantau.

How to go? Follow the video!

Candid feedback from a recent client survey shows that 92% of patients have benefited from treatment with me, which gives me the confidence to leave my clinical positions and go solo: thank you for your trust in me. With your wellbeing in mind, I intend to continually improve my services and offerings, starting with the following:

More early morning and evening appointments

I appreciate it can be challenging to schedule an appointment during office hours. For your convenience, the studio will be open from 7.15am for the first appointment of the day till 6.30pm on week day and 8.00am to 12.00pm on Saturday. Appointments can be scheduled here:  


Adjustment fees and introduction of package

While 70% of clients recognise the fee for my services are fair and competitively priced, 30% felt the fee is expensive, particularly as 20% are only fully covered by insurance (FYI: Osteopathy average fee in HK is $1500 – from $950 to $2100, review based on 8 clinics). Ultimately, it is important to me that people with discomfort, chronic pain, high-training lifestyles, and families with osteopathy needs have access to regular and timely treatment. Therefore, I have revised fees and introduced package options as follows:

  • Individual 40-minute session: $900
  • Package of 5 sessions: $4250 ($850 per session); valid for 3 months; non-refundable; family sharing allowed.
  • Package of 10 sessions: $8000 ($800 per session); valid for 6 months; non-refundable; family sharing allowed.
  • To discuss corporate, gym or school individual fees, please contact me.

Personal Training and Group classes

In addition to being a qualified osteopath, I am a qualified physical and sports educator, yoga teacher, and black belt in Chinese martial arts. From mid-April, I will be offering personal training, yoga group classes, fitness and conditioning group classes, and taiji group classes. Look out for information on my website: www.joninmotion.com and social media platforms: www.facebook.com/JonInMotion; www.instagram.com/jon_in_motion

New tools

You may already be aware of ActiveBase™the best known solution for healthy sitting. You can purchase this award-winning seat at www.joninmotion.com/shop/ for a reduced price of $2180. I am also working on a workout program system “MKTS’, which will be released soon. More on that shortly!

I am so excited to bring “Jon in Motion” to you. Through the provision of manual therapy adjustment, exercises, programs, and tools, it’s a brand that encompasses all my skillsets to serve you as a mobility specialist, promoting optimal mental and physical awareness, strength and wellbeing through movement.

Jon In Motion

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