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Jonathan, un ostéopathe au service des Français de Hong Kong

Original French article published on Lepetitjournal Hong-Kong (03/05/2020) – From an interview, wrote by Didier Pujol.

Installed for over 4 years in Hong Kong (2016), Jonathan is an osteopath. He explains to us how his job helps to relieve physical pain or simply to live better.

What is your job?

The best way to explain is to take an example. You are hurt in sports, or with your children and it affects you in your work, your relationships with other. You become impatient and are easily annoyed. My job is first of all to assess the correlation between the complaint expressed and the impact on your daily life. Then, I locate the areas of the body with somatic dysfunction, that is to say with a restriction of mobility in your muscles, joints, organs. These elements have been determined on the nervous, vascular or digestive system. Through an appropriate support program, I allow people to regain their mobility and general well-being.

Take care of yourself

Why are we coming to see you?

The requests generally relate to posture at work, bad movements (blocked back, pain in the shoulder, neck …) and sports-related injuries. Others wish to establish a preventive assessment after having had a first positive experience of osteopathy. Some simply come because they feel it is time to take care of them, that if they do nothing, they may end up paying for it. For athletes, monitoring leads to a real improvement in performance since we are working on mobility or the overloads generated by their activity.

Why is it important to do physical activity?

Our body is made up of 206 bones joined together by 360 joints mobilized by 570 skeletal muscles, which makes our body designed to move. It is therefore obvious that regular physical activity is extremely important for the body. You have to do sport without delay, otherwise you accumulate physical deficits. However, it is a question of knowing yourself and relating objectives and needs. We intervene in support of sport for general mobility and also the matching of effort with what the body can endure or what it needs.

Protect your health capital

What advice would you give to French people in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is a dynamic city that generates stress. Long before mechanical problems, such as osteoarthritis for example, the first pain factors are linked to fatigue, stress and insufficient or inappropriate activity. I therefore advise capitalizing on your health now because time fly and you cannot buy it. Now is the time to build your health wealth for the future and enjoy it today. I recommend carrying out a balance of life balance: am I stressed? do I have a regular activity? Do I feel tired am I breathing properly and adequately? Then gradually start a physical activity that makes you feel good. You can come see me to take stock of your state of health or if you experience any discomfort.

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